Gippsland Wealth Management

Gippsland Wealth Management financial planning services is a division of the Jim Pickersgill Group.

Finance Planning Services



Including account based pensions and 'Transition to Retirement' advice. 

Self managed super fund

A high level engaged process and no, we DON’T outsource our work overseas. All your accounting work is conducted by our team in Leongatha. All of our SMSFs are independently audited by ASIC approved auditor, Michele Beattie of JCMB Consulting Pty Ltd, who is based in Inverloch.

Managed super fund advisors

We operate on a fee for service so no nasty ongoing fees you aren’t aware of. You invest in our time only we are providing you a service.  

We also have an open approved product list  (APL) of investments so we are not bound to push the products that our shareholders might want us to. It’s all about what’s best for you! 

Wealth protection and insurances

Protecting you and your loved ones in times of crisis.


Including Term Deposits, Managed Funds and Direct Shares. 

Succession and Estate planning

Our team of experts


Getting the job done by the people that know best.

 We have fostered a close working relationship over many years with a handpicked group of professionals who we outsource our work to.

This allows us, when an area is outside our skill set, to refer you to someone with complete confidence who will work in with us to provide you with the best advice. Always in your best interests and we keep them accountable.

If you are a professional interested in joining our outsource team, please be aware we have a rigorous induction process before accepting you so you will need to share our vision, philosophy and ethics. On average, very few professionals meet our criteria, and become a referral source to our valued clients and to Gippsland Wealth Management.

Q&A with Jim Pickersgill, MD of GWM


So who is Gippsland Wealth Management (GWM)

We are a highly respected financial planning arm of the Jim Pickersgill Group. 

We joined our dealer group, Count Wealth, in November 1997. We have been providing accounting services for almost 30 years in the region.

You're called Gippsland Wealth Management, does this mean you service only Gippsland?

Definitely not! Our valued clients extend from Cape York through to Tasmania as well as servicing as far west as Karratha in Western Australia.

How is it possible to service clients so well over such a large area?

GWM is continually developing and researching methods of engagement such as Skype to ensure tyranny of distance is never an issue. 

This allows us to continually stay in touch in a meaningful and timely way and assist them to achieve their personal goals and dreams. We still use good old mail and phone where this suits our clients best.

Are clients financial needs and goals always similar?

Virtually never! We have a philosophy of 'one size does not fit all', even between spouses. Therefore we tailor each piece of advice or strategy, specific to the individual needs and goals. We pride ourselves in holding our client's hands and are there for the long haul, recognising that in their own lives their needs and goals will evolve with their own stages of life.

The only common theme we see in financial planning is that most people need it.

Will GWM suit everyone?

No, it won't. If an investor feels they can pick the market, are prepared to engage in risky or speculative investments, then they probably won't find us a good fit. We operate with the view that, wise and steady investments and strategies, and not taking unnecessary risks, are the perfect model. If you treat investments as a gamble, then you probably will lose and that's not our objective.

We have heard great feedback about GWM, how does the broader financial planning industry view you?

Our team has been humbled by the recognition of Count as well as the broader industry. Included in the industry’s recognition of our work is:

2016 – Count National Award Winners – Excellence in client engagement.

2017 – Count National Award Winners - Pinnacle Award – Recognition of services to Count and the broader financial planning industry.

Past 5 years – Count National Award Finalists for the Count Charitable Foundation Award for community work and devotion to philanthropic causes.

In addition to these, I have the honour of holding the position of Chair – Count Advisory Council – Advocating for change, accessibility and fairness in the financial industry and continually challenging the industry to only serve in the “Client’s Best Interest”.

Gippsland Wealth Management is an Authorised Representative of Count Financial Ltd ABN 19 001 974 625 AFSL No. 227232 which is 85% owned by CountPlus Limited ABN 111 26 990 832 (CountPlus) of Level 8, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000 NSW and 15% owned by Count Member Firm Pty Ltd ACN 633 983 490 of Level 8, 1 Chifley Square, Sydney 2000 NSW. CountPlus is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Count Member Firm Pty Ltd is owned by Count Member Firm DT Pty Ltd ACN 633 956 073 which holds the assets under a discretionary trust for certain beneficiaries including potentially some corporate authorised representatives of Count Financial Ltd. The information on this web page is not advice and is intended to provide general information only. It does not take into account your individual needs, objectives or personal circumstances. 

Privacy & Important Information

Count Financial is responsible for financial planning advice provided by me as an Authorised Representative. Please refer to the Financial Services Guide (FSG) for the scope of my authority under Count Financial.

Count Financial is not affiliated with nor does it endorse other business activities conducted by me in my capacity as an accountant.

As part of our continuing commitment to client service, the maintenance of client confidentiality and as required by law, Count Financial complies with the Privacy Act 1988.

Financial Services Guide

GWM Financial Services Guide (pdf)


Count Financial Services Guide Apr '20 (pdf)